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The Kindred Witch Tradition

The following is a new Tradition for the Player's Companion Witch class.

The kindred, or "family" as they call themselves, claim to be the origin of all traditions of witchcraft.  Sages interested in such things debate this, but the origin of the kindred and their traditions are lost in the mists of time.  The kindred have no homeland and seem to have never had a homeland.  They are well-known wanderers, almost universally mistrusted as outsiders wherever they go.  Although few kindred actually become witches, a group or community of kindred will likely be led by, or at least counseled by, a kindred witch.  Other kindred witches live in self-imposed isolation.  When superstitious villagers whisper of an ancient crone in an equally ancient forest, they likely whisper of a kindred.

Bonus Spells: 2nd – Floating Disc, Message, 3rd – Whispering Wind, 5th – Dimension Door

1st level:  Kindred believe the gift of witchcraft is in the blood, passed from generation to generation.  A kindred witch gains the Kindred Bloodline proficiency (see below).

3rd level:  Whether kindred are the origin of all traditions of witchcraft or not, there is no denying that their tradition is varied.  The character may select any one proficiency from the Witch Proficiency List.

5th level:  As a kindred learns to wield the magic in her blood, she becomes aware of the magic all around her.  A kindred witch gains the Sensing Power proficiency.

7th level:  The kindred's knowledge of spells both ancient and forbidden is legendary.  With your Judge's approval, select two divine spells to add to your class spell list.  Your Judge may allow you to select arcane spells to add to your class spell list as divine spells of 1 or 2 levels higher.  Additionally, the divine rituals Seven-League Stride and Mass Seven-League Stride (see below) do not count against the total number of ritual spells of each spell level that a kindred witch of 11th level or higher may know.  A kindred witch must still learn and cast these ritual spells as with any other divine ritual.

New Proficiency

Kindred Bloodline: The character has the blood of the kindred in her ancestry.  The kindred are cursed with a long natural life.  They may live as long as elves, but suffer the full effects of aging (see the Kindred Aging table below; elf and human are shown for comparison).  Kindred also share an elf’s immunity to paralysis.  Because of their curse, history and others’ ignorant superstitions, the kindred are widely mistrusted.  The character suffers a -1 penalty to the reactions, loyalty, and morale of humans and demi-humans.  The character gets a +1 bonus to the reactions, loyalty, and morale of kindred.

Kindred Aging

Race     Youth Adult  Aged  Old   Ancient
Elf      15–50 51–200 -     -     -
Human    13–17 18–35  36–55 56–75 76–95
Kindred  13-17 18-45  46-75 76-95 96-200

New Ritual Spells

Seven-League Stride
Divine Ritual 6
Range: touch
Duration: see below

This ritual enables a willing creature touched to travel rapidly to a designated location.  The creature touched may carry up to its full encumbrance load while travelling via this ritual.  From the perspective of the creature touched, it will arrive almost instantly at the designated location, vaguely perceiving its surroundings during the journey.  However, the base actual time passed in hours will be the distance in miles to the designated location divided by 21, i.e. the creature touched travels as a rate of 21 miles per hour (unaffected by any intervening terrain).  For example, if the designated location is 1,680 miles away, the creature touched may arrive 3 days and 8 hours after being touched.  The creature touched must make a proficiency throw to avoid getting lost (which is affected normally by the terrain at the designated location).  If this throw is not successful, each point the throw is missed by increases the actual time passed by 10%.  Continuing the example above, the creature touched is travelling to an ancient ziggurat in a jungle, has no modifiers on throws to avoid getting lost (e.g. from class abilities or proficiencies), and rolls a 1.  The journey now takes 6 days and 16 hours.

Mass Seven-League Stride
Divine Ritual 7
Range: touch
Duration: see below

As Seven-League Stride, except that the ritual affects up to one touched creature per two caster levels, or one touched vehicle of up to the Judge's discretion in size, and all of its contents.  Larger vehicles require more expensive and/or rarer special components.  The caster must designate a guide among the creatures affected to make the proficiency throw to avoid getting lost.  All creatures affected must be willing, or they will be left behind.

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  1. That's a good variant. This is what I love about the Players Companion, the ability to create your own Classes and tinker with existing ones.