Thursday, June 21, 2012

Additional Templar Temples: The Elemental Templars

“Often mistaken for arcane warriors, the elemental templars are in fact divine warriors with a strong affinity for one of the four classic elements: air, earth, fire or water.”
Achaeus’ 457th scroll of Comparative Theology of the First Epoch

Following are four new temple selections for the Templar.

Special Abilities
Proficiency List
all missile weapons and any one-handed melee weapons
3rd level: protection from normal missiles once per day; each use takes 1 round, 5th level: gust of wind once per 8 hours; each use takes 1 round, 7th level: fly once per day; each use takes 1 round
Precise Shooting, Running, Swashbuckling, Weapon Finesse
any axes, flails, hammers, and maces and any two-handed melee weapons
1st level: stones fly once per hour; each use takes 1 round, 5th level: tremor once per 8 hours; each use takes 1 round, 9th level: earth's teeth once per day; each use takes 1 round
Combat Trickery (force back, knock down, overrun, wrestle)
battle axe, dagger, dart, hand axe, javelin, lance, short sword, spear, sword, whip
3rd level: produce fire once per 8 hours; each use takes 1 round, 5th level: fiery darts once per 8 hours; each use takes 1 round, 7th level: fire shield once per week; each use takes 1 round
Combat Trickery (disarm, knock down), Precise Shooting, Running
arbalest, crossbow, dagger, dart, javelin, lance, net, pole arm, short sword, spear
3rd level: water breathing once per day; each use takes 1 round, 5th level: create water once per day; each use takes 1 turn, 9th level: airy water once per month; each use takes 1 round, 11th level: conjure water elemental once per week; each use takes 1 turn
Combat Trickery (force back, overrun), Precise Shooting, Swashbuckling

New Spells

Airy Water
Elemental (air, water)
Arcane 5
Range: touch
Duration: 12 turns

This spell creates a 40’ diameter sphere within which both air-breathing and water-breathing creatures may breathe normally. The sphere moves with the creature touched when the spell is cast.

Fiery Darts
Elemental (fire)
Divine 2 (Elemental Witch)
Range: 45’
Duration: see below

This spell creates a dart formed of magical fire that the spellcaster can throw like a normal dart. The fiery dart does not burn the spellcaster's hands. For every two caster levels beyond 4th, an additional fiery dart is produced – two darts at 6th, three darts at 8th, up to the maximum of six darts at 14th level. The caster may begin throwing the fiery darts on the round that the spell is cast. When more than one fiery dart is created, the remaining darts may be thrown on subsequent rounds. Unused fiery darts do not prevent the spellcaster from taking other actions, then returning to throwing darts. After 1 turn (10 minutes), any unused fiery darts disappear. Each fiery dart may strike its target for 2d6 points of fire damage. The spellcaster must make a successful attack throw against each target, using the target values for a fighter of her level. Range penalties do not apply.

Fire Shield
Elemental (fire)
Arcane 4

This spell is available in the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion.

Stones Fly
Elemental (earth)
Divine 1 (Elemental Witch)
Range: 60’
Duration: instantaneous

When this spell is cast, one stone per level of the caster flies up from the earth to strike its target for 1d8 points of damage. All of the targets must be within a 30’ diameter area of effect, and the spellcaster must make a successful attack throw against each target, using the target values for a fighter of her level. The caster may choose which creatures in the area of effect are targeted. She may target a single creature or several creatures. A single stone can strike only one creature. Targets must be designated before any attack throws or damage is rolled.

Elemental (earth)
Arcane 2
Range: 240’
Duration: instantaneous

When this spell is cast, a tremor resonates through a 20’ diameter area of earth. Any creatures standing on this area of effect must make a successful saving throw versus Paralysis to stay on their feet. If a creature fails its save, it immediately falls prone.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Proficiencies 101: Proficiency Packages

This post is the sixth in a series of posts that will take a closer look at proficiencies in the Adventurer Conqueror King system main rulebook.

In my third post in this series, I mentioned proficiency “packages” as an approach for Judges customizing their games using proficiencies.  Using this approach, a block of proficiency slots, say four, is added to all class proficiency lists.  The Judge then creates pre-selected packages of campaign-specific or existing proficiencies that represent backgrounds, organizations, styles or themes in the Judge’s campaign.  A character could choose not to select a package at the start of a campaign or even never, if the general and class proficiency lists include the proficiencies the character intends to learn.

Following are a number of proficiency packages that I used to create some interesting NPCs and encounters.  Of course, as Judge, I can craft an NPC however I want.  But I find it convenient and even inspirational at times to have some “off the shelf” tools available for use in the form of proficiency packages.  General proficiencies are noted below just for reference.  The Unarmed Fighting proficiency is from the Player’s Companion.  Divine Spellcasting is a custom proficiency found in this post.

Cultist:  Ambushing, Prestidigitation, Prophecy, Theology(G)

Divine scion:  Divine Blessing, Divine Health, Divine Spellcasting, Prophecy

Fastness-born:  Beast Friendship, Mystic Aura, Passing Without Trace, Precise Shooting

Holy warrior:  Divine Blessing, Divine Health, Healing(G), Sensing Evil

Mountebank:  Alchemy(G), Arcane Dabbling, Prestidigitation, Soothsaying

Mystic-trained:  Combat Trickery(disarm, knock down, wrestle), Unarmed Fighting

Slaver:  Ambushing, Bargaining(G), Combat Trickery(incapacitation), Sniping

Thug:  Ambushing, Combat Trickery(incapacitation), Intimidation(G), Skirmishing

Unholy warrior:  Ambushing, Divine Blessing, Divine Health, Intimidation(G)

Vault-born:  Caving(G), Craft(G), Dwarven Brewing, Engineering(G)

Following is a specific encounter I created using some of the proficiency packages above.  Note that in one case I applied a proficiency package to 0th level humans, treating the General list plus the proficiency package as the 0th level humans’ list of proficiencies to choose from.

Encounter:  Death Cult “Pilgrims” met on the road.  Such pilgrims are always looking for converts.  Or sacrifices …

1 "Voice of Death" Cleric (Thug)
    Cleric 4, AC 2, hp 14, MV 120' (40'), leather, dagger 1d4, Sv C4, ML +2, AL C, XP 135
    Adventuring, Ambushing, Skirmishing, Theology

2 "Hands of Death" Assassin (Divine scion)
    Assassin 3, AC 2, hp 10, MV 120' (40'), leather, dagger 1d4+2, Sv F3 +2, ML +2, AL C, XP 65
    Adventuring, Divine Blessing, Fighting Style(single weapon), Theology

10 Humans (Cultist)
    Normal Man, AC 0, hp 3, MV 120' (40'), unarmored, dagger 1d4, Sv NM, ML +4, AL C, XP 6
    Ambushing, Craft, Labor, Theology

This concludes this week’s post in my Proficiencies series.  I plan to post in this series every two weeks until it finishes.