Friday, August 31, 2012

Baba Yaga

Following are Adventurer Conqueror King System statistics for Baba Yaga, the Queen of Witches.

Baba Yaga

female Kindred 

14th level Witch (Winter Witch Tradition)
Age: 62

Age category: middle aged

Strength: 14 +1
Intelligence: 18 +3
Wisdom: 18 +3
Dexterity: 15 +1
Constitution: 16 +2
Charisma: 18 +3

AC 11, hp 59, Base Attack Throw 6+, Save as Cleric 14, +5 bonus to all saving throws

staff - Attack Throw 4+, 1d6+2 or 2d6+2(1 charge) or 2d6+2, age 10 years, most creatures save versus death or die(2 charges) or 2d6+2, age 10 years, most creatures save versus death or die, save versus staffs or withered(3 charges)

+1 surprise, +1 initiative, immune to disease, immune to paralysis, resistant to cold, spell secrets (7d2+7 frost damage), mastery of charms and transmogrifications, witch spells 9/8/8/8/6

bonus spells: 1st – pass without trace, 2nd – floating disc, message, obscuring cloud, shield, slipperiness, 3rd – freezing rain, magic missile, ogre power, water walking, whispering wind, 4th – dimension door, skinchange, 5th – control wind, giant strength, wall of ice

known rituals: 6th
longevity*, regeneration*, seven-league stride, 7th control weather, mass seven-league stride, temporal stasis

+7 to reaction rolls to influence or intimidate

-1 penalty to the reactions, loyalty, and morale of humans and demi-humans,
+1 bonus to the reactions, loyalty, and morale of kindred

Apostasy (C)
Apostasy (C)
Collegiate Wizardry (G)
Diplomacy (G)
Disguise (G)
Elementalism(water) (C)
Intimidation (G)
Kindred Bloodline (C)
Mimicry (G)
Naturalism (G)
Seduction (G)

Speaks 4 languages, literate

Detect Secret Door: 14+, 18+ casual observation
Find Traps: 18+
Hear Noise: 14+
Open Door: 14+

Equipment: The Queen of Witches will be equipped with most anything she might choose (up to 1,000,000gp or so), accumulated over her life time, including several prepared rituals. Her exact equipment will depend on the circumstances and the campaign in which she appears.

Sample items included in the statistics above include an Amulet of Alertness*, a Belt of Divine Blessing and Health*, Bracers of Armor AC 7, a Broom of Passing Without Trace*, a Cauldron of Flying (as a Flying Carpet), a Cloak of Protection +3, a Staff of Withering and a Torc of Mystic Aura*.

* as the proficiency

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