Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Winter Witch Tradition

A chill wind blows from the north, the chill wind of the winter witch. The following is a new Tradition for the Player's Companion Witch class.

Bonus Spells: 1st – Pass Without Trace, 2nd – Obscuring Cloud, Slipperiness, 3rd – Freezing Rain

1st level:  Winter witches are resistant to cold. Minor cold (such as exposure to winter weather in inadequate clothing) is ignored by the witch. Against more significant cold (such as the breath of a White Dragon), the witch gains a bonus of +2 on saving throws, and all damage from such attacks is reduced by -1 point per die of damage rolled. Any cold attacks will still inflict at least 1 point of damage per die rolled, however.

3rd level:  The spell signature of a winter witch often involves a damp chill in the air or the appearance of frost. Beginning at 3rd level, a winter witch’s spell secrets allow her to enhance her signature frost effects dramatically. When the winter witch casts cause fear, choking grip, hold person (on a single person only) or bestow curse, the target is dealt 1d2 hit points of frost damage per 2 levels of the witch with no save. The target may save against the primary effect of the spell normally.

5th level: Winter witches are witches first and foremost, feared for their mastery of charms and transmogrifications. When the witch casts charm spells (such as charm person) or transmogrification spells (such as polymorph other), the spell effects are calculated as if she were two class levels higher than her actual level of experience. Targets of her charm and transmogrification spells suffer a -2 penalty to their saving throw.

7th level: The four spells listed below are added to the winter witch’s class spell list at the designated spell levels: 3rd – Water Walking, 4th – Skinchange, 5th – Control Wind, Wall of Ice

New Spell

Freezing Rain
Arcane 3, Divine 3 (Winter Witch)
Range: 120’
Duration: 1 round per level

When this spell is cast, a 20' diameter sphere of freezing rain blocks all line of sight and causes the ground in the area to become icy. Any individual moving or even standing in the affected area must make a proficiency throw of 11+ each round or fall down. The freezing rain extinguishes torches and small fires.

New Ritual Spell

Control Weather

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  1. This tradition is very cool. I really want to try this one out as well.