Friday, August 31, 2012

Women of the North

“Let me get this straight. Where you come from, there are wintery witches, maidens of snow and ice, winged women warriors and women who turn into swans? You think maybe you’ve been out in the cold a little too long?”
A barmaid to a traveler from the north

Following on the Winter Witch Tradition and the most infamous of winter witches, I present two new temple selections for the templar and an additional totem animal to use with the beastlord or the Player’s Companion shaman.

Temple Weapons Special Abilities Proficiency List
Snow Maiden dagger, dart, hand axe, ice axe (battle axe), javelin, pick (war hammer), short sword, sling, sword, whip 1st level: resistant to cold, 5th level: icy darts ( as fiery darts but cold-based) once per 8 hours; each use takes 1 round, 9th level: add 1st – pass without trace, 2nd – obscuring cloud, slipperiness, 3rd – freezing rain to class spell list Ambushing, Combat Trickery (disarm, knock down), Precise Shooting
Valkyrie battle axe, great axe, hand axe, javelin, short sword, shortbow, spear, sword, two-handed sword, war hammer 1st level: aura of protection, 7th level: summon berserkers once per hour; each use takes 1 turn, 10th level: winged flight once per day; each use takes 1 round, 13th level: summon winged steed once per day; each use takes 1 turn, 14th level: call dragon once per week; each use takes 1 turn Precise Shooting, Running, Swashbuckling, Weapon Finesse

Totem Animal
Key Ability
Totem Benefit
Mystic Aura
Move 300’ fly, HD 1, AC1, #AT 1, Dmg 1d4

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