Thursday, September 27, 2012

Additional Wizard College: The College of Witchcraft

Witches are a slippery lot. One person’s witch is another person’s priestess or a third person’s mage. In my game, witches are divine spellcasters, but sometimes a divine spellcaster just won’t do. Maybe a player really wants an arcane witch, or maybe a converted adventure includes both divine and arcane “witches”.

The following is an additional college for my (arcane) wizard class, inspired by an old-school Secret Order of a Great School of Magic.

College Weapons Special Abilities Proficiency List
Witchcraft dagger, dart, staff, whip 1st level: The character may select one proficiency from the Witch Proficiency List, 2nd level: change shape as a warlock, 4th level: hex as a warlock, 5th level: The character may brew potions, as if she were a mage of 5th level, 9th level: The character may scribe scrolls, as if she were a mage of 5th level, 10th level: summon fantastic creature, once per day; each use takes 1 turn, 14th level: magic jar, once per month; each use takes 1 round Apostasy, Beast Friendship, Contemplation, Loremastery

Note that the brew potions and the scribe scrolls abilities specified above override the abilities of the same name a wizard normally receives, changing the level at which those abilities are received. When a character of the College of Witchcraft selects the Apostasy proficiency, I strongly encourage the Judge to limit the subsequent spell selections to the Witch Divine Spell List, excluding the Witch Traditions Divine Spell List.

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