Friday, October 26, 2012

Additional Wizard College: The College of Necromancy

Wizards of the College of Necromancy are often called Necromancers. Universally reviled by most, very rarely a wizard is able to maintain an academic detachment from the dark powers he could command, choosing instead to educate others how to defeat darkness. Even these few may eventually slip to Chaos and madness.

The following is an additional college for my wizard class.

Special Abilities
Proficiency List
club, dagger, sling, staff
1st level: invisibility to undead, once per hour; each use takes 1 round, 2nd level: If the character casts spells that require a saving throw versus Death, his targets suffer a -2 penalty on the save. When the character casts necromantic spells, the spell effects are calculated as if he were two class levels higher than his actual level of experience. 4th level: animate dead, once per day; each use takes 1 turn; also, the character can control undead as a Chaotic cleric of his class level -3, 10th level: add cause serious wounds, finger of death, restore life and limb and speak with dead to class spell list, 14th level: enervating grip, once per hour; each use takes 1 round
Contemplation, Divine Blessing, Divine Health, Loremastery

New Spells

Invisibility to Undead
Illusion, Necromancy
Arcane 1
Range: touch
Duration: special

This spell is identical to the 2nd level arcane spell invisibility, except that the creature or object touched is invisible to undead only.

Enervating Grip               
Arcane 2
Range: 30’
Duration: special

This spell creates an invisible grip around the soul of the target creature. Unless the target makes a successful saving throw versus Death, it begins dying. A dying creature loses one Hit Die or life level per round, and cannot take any action (although it can still defend itself). The target of the spell receives a new saving throw each round. The enervating grip lasts so long as the caster concentrates upon it, or until the target makes a successful saving throw. A creature reduced to zero Hit Dice or life levels by the enervating grip will be instantly slain. Otherwise, the creature will recover its lost Hit Dice or life levels with no permanent harm when the spell ends.

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