Friday, November 30, 2012

Additional Wizard College: The College of Illusion

Wizards of the College of Illusion are often called Illusionists. Illusionists specialize in creating phantasmal sensations, as well as manipulating light, shadow, dream and nightmare.

The following is an additional college for my wizard class.

Special Abilities
Proficiency List
club, dagger, dart, staff
1st level: phantasmal force, once per 8 hours; each use takes 1 round, 2nd level: Innate Illusion Mastery as a gnomish trickster, 4th level: chimerical force, once per day; each use takes 1 round, 10th level: phantasmal killer, once per month; each use takes 1 round, 14th level: permanent illusion, once per week; each use takes 1 turn
Beast Friendship, Disguise, Loremastery, Passing Without Trace

New Ritual Spell

Arcane Sanctum

Arcane Ritual 7
Range: 120’
Duration: see below

The caster creates a 30' diameter, 40' high large round tower. The tower is complete with doors, floors, a roof and stairs, equivalent to a 30,000gp structure. The tower created by arcane sanctum cannot be used as an offensive spell. If the tower is created among creatures, it rises up from the earth around them.

While the caster resides within the walls of the arcane sanctum, the structure “grows” at a rate of 500gp equivalent construction per day, as the caster wills. If the caster leaves the walls of the arcane sanctum, after two days per level of the caster the structure “recedes” at a rate of 500gp equivalent disrepair per day. If the caster is ever killed, the arcane sanctum swiftly falls into ruin. A caster may not have more than one arcane sanctum at a time.

An arcane sanctum interacts with its surroundings as an ordinary structure of stone, mortar and wood. However, the arcane sanctum takes on an appearance reflective of the spell signature of the caster.

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