Thursday, March 7, 2013

Additional Solitary Orders: The Orders of Healing, Fate and Madness

By their very nature, solitaries are more varied in focus and outlook than their divine brethren – clerics, paladins and templars. An order of solitaries may be small in number, or even cease to exist for a while. However, a few orders stand out, or repeatedly rise and fall with the times, such as the orders of healing, fate and madness.

The following are three additional orders for my solitary class, intended to more fully demonstrate the potential of the class.

New Solitary Orders

Special Abilities
Proficiency List
club, sap, sling, staff
1st level: any one solitary class proficiency, Healing, 5th level: Laying on Hands, 9th level: cure light wounds at will; each use takes 1 turn (10 minutes)
Curing, Cleansing
Combat Trickery (disarm, incapacitate), Healing, Naturalism
any dagger or sword, and dart, javelin, spear
1st level: Prophecy, 2nd level: Seer, 12th level: Oracle
Fate, Nature
Knowledge (astrology), Performance (oratory), Precise Shooting, Swashbuckling, Weapon Finesse
club, dagger, flail, spear, staff, whip
1st level: any one general or class proficiency (of any class, with the Judge’s permission)
Any one mystery, Madness
Alertness, Apostasy, Combat Trickery (wrestling), Wakefulness


1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level, 4th level and 5th level spells gained
Salving Rest, Cure Moderate Wounds*, Cure Major Wounds*, Spirit of Healing, Cure Critical Wounds*
Resist Cold, Resist Fire, Striking, Vigor, Sword of Fire
Delay Disease, Delay Poison, Cure Blindness, Death Ward, Restore Life and Limb*
Protection from Good, Choking Grip, Winged Flight, Animate Dead, Finger of Death
Trance, Augury, Detect Curse*, Divination, Quest*
Protection from Evil, Enthrall, Winged Flight, Death Ward, Dispel Evil
Read Languages, Holy Chant, Uncanny Gyration, Tongues*, Confusion
Locate Animal or Plant, Speak with Animals, Call Lightning, Skinchange, Call Dragon

New Proficiencies


The character may cast commune once per day (instead of once per week). Additionally, the character may ask twice the normal number of questions.


When the character casts detection or divination spells, the spell effects are calculated as if he were two class levels higher than his actual level of experience. He may also conduct magical research into detection and divination as if he were two class levels higher than actual.

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