Monday, June 3, 2013

The Inquisitor and Witch-Knight Temples

Not all religions are content with organic growth or even evangelic growth. These religions send inquisitors to challenge and eliminate the old faiths, while ensuring the current flock remain true. As defenders of the old faiths, witch-knights are the natural enemies of inquisitors.

Following are new temple selections for the Templar.

Special Abilities
Proficiency List
all missile weapons and any one-handed melee weapons
1st level: perceive intentions as a mystic, 5th level: detect magic once per hour; each use takes 1 round, 9th level: dispel magic once per day; each use takes 1 round
Charm Resistance, Kin-Slaying, Knowledge (metaphysics), Precise Shooting, Profession (torturer)
battle axe, flail, lance, mace, morning star, pole arm, spear, sword, two-handed sword, war hammer
1st level: aura of protection, 7th level: Apostasy, divine striking
Combat Trickery (force back, overrun), Familiar, Healing

New Power

Divine Striking

When the character successfully strikes a target with a melee attack, he can expend one of his daily spell slots to increase damage. Damage is increased by 1d6 per level of the spell slot expended. This custom power counts as 1 power at Divine Value 1.

New Proficiency

Charm Resistance

The character receives a +4 bonus on saving throws against charms.

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