Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Totem Witch Tradition

The tribal societies which gave birth to the shaman know of another divine practitioner – the totem witch. Where a shaman intermediates between his tribe and the spirit world, a totem witch is responsible only to her totem spirit patron. A totem witch may have a closer relationship with her totem than even a shaman of the same totem. A shaman often views a totem witch with suspicion, especially when the witch’s totem may have interests at odds with the shaman’s tribe.

The following is a new Tradition for the Player's Companion Witch class.

Bonus Spells: 1st – detect danger, 2nd – holy chant, 3rd – prayer, 4th – summon animals

1st level:  A totem witch’s patron provides her with a totem animal companion to watch over and protect her. The totem witch gains a totem animal and totem benefit as a shaman.

3rd level:  A totem witch’s survival may depend upon the survival of her totem animal companion. She may cast animal invulnerability to evil once per 8 hours. Each use takes 1 round.

5th level:  A totem witch may shapechange as a shaman.

7th level:  A totem witch may cast animal spirit of healing once per 8 hours. Each use takes 1 round.

New Spells

Animal Invulnerability to Evil
Divine 2 (Totem Witch)
Range: touch
Duration: 1 turn

This spell targets 1 animal or giant animal. Except as noted above, this spell is identical to invulnerability to evil.

Animal Spirit of Healing
Divine 2 (Totem Witch)
Range: 60’
Duration: concentration, maximum 1 round per level

This spell targets animals and giant animals only. Except as noted above, this spell is identical to spirit of healing.

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