Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Additional Wizard College: The College of Dracology

Common wisdom maintains that ancient dragons were the first arcane spellcasters. Wizards of the College of Dracology, sometimes called Dracologists, bring this belief full circle as arcane spellcasters who study and seek to emulate dragons to further their own personal power. In time, these arcanists may even learn the secret of becoming a dragon.

The following is an additional college for my wizard class.

Special Abilities
Proficiency List
dagger, dart, staff, whip
1st level: dragon’s tongue, 2nd level: dragon’s claw, 4th level: dragon’s scales, 5th level: The character may scribe scrolls, as if she were a mage of 5th level, 9th level: The character may brew potions, as if she were a mage of 5th level, 10th level: dragon’s wings, 14th level: draconic ascension
Beast Friendship, Command, Leadership, Loremastery

Note that the brew potions and the scribe scrolls abilities specified above override the abilities of the same name a wizard normally receives, changing the level at which those abilities are received.

Dracologist Special Abilities

Dragon’s Tongue

The character may speak, read, and write Draconic (the language of dragons) fluently. The character gains a +2 bonus to reaction rolls when speaking Draconic to dragons, as well as (at the Judge’s discretion) intelligent creatures related to dragons or that speak Draconic.

Dragon’s Claw

When brawling (see ACKS p. 109), the character may deal lethal damage, 1d3 with a punch or 1d4 with a kick. She can punch or kick characters in metal armor without herself taking damage.

Dragon’s Scales

At 4th level, a dracologist’s arcane dragon scales decreases the damage from any non-magical attacks by 1 point per die, similarly to a dwarven fury’s flesh-runes. This protection increases to 2 points per die at 7th level and 3 points per die at 13th level.

Dragon’s Wings

The character may use winged flight at will, except that the character can continuously fly for only 1 round per level before becoming fatigued.

Draconic Ascension

The character may transform herself into a dragon through draconic apotheosis. The character may perform apotheosis as if she were two class levels higher than actual. The character will retain the ability to speak as well as her existing arcane spellcasting ability (in lieu of standard dragon spellcasting ability). The cost and time to perform apotheosis is reduced by 50%.

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