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Goblin Custom Classes

Goblins stand 3' to 3 ½' tall, with surprisingly strong, wiry builds. Their eyes are usually dull and glazed, varying in color from red to yellow, and sometimes flicker red in the dark. Goblins’ skin color ranges from yellow through any shade of orange to a deep red; usually all members of a single tribe are about the same color. They spend most of their days underground, but they are also nocturnal and may be found on the surface at night. Goblins are archenemies of dwarves, who they hate above all other humanoids, followed closely by their distaste for gnomes.


All goblin classes require a minimum Constitution 9 or better.

Class Category Values

Fighting: Due to their short stature, goblins may never use human-sized two-handed weapons (such as two-handed swords or pole arms) or longbows, regardless of their Fighting Value. Goblins with broad or narrow weapon selections must include short swords, and at least two of darts, javelins, slings, or spears among their selections.

Divine: Goblins rarely allocate build points to the Divine category. See the Mystic Path goblin custom power, however.

Arcane: Goblins rarely allocate build points to the Arcane category. See the Mystic Path goblin custom power, however.

Goblin Value

When building a goblin custom class, assign between 0 and 4 build points to the class’s Goblin Value. At Goblin 0, all goblins gain the following goblin custom powers:
XP Cost
Goblin 4
Goblin 3
Goblin 2
Goblin 1

·         Bestial Tongues: All goblins speak their native tongue and two bonus languages, selected from the following list based on their tribe’s proximity to other beastmen and monsters: Bugbear, Draconic, Gnoll, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Orc, Ogre, Troll.
·         Fearsome Size: Goblins grow unnaturally strong and increasingly corpulent as they advance in experience. When they reach 2nd level, the goblin gains a +1 bonus to damage rolls due to his size. At 3rd level, the damage bonus is increased to +2 and the goblin’s great size and strength grants a +2 morale bonus to goblin henchmen, retainers, and followers. At 5th level, the damage bonus is increased to +3, at 8th level it is increased to +4, and at 12th  level it is increased to +5.
·         Mystic Path: When a goblin gains a level of experience, he may choose to gain one level of arcane or divine spellcasting in lieu of all other benefits he would normally accrue from leveling (e.g. hit points, attack throws, saving throws, proficiencies, etc.) A goblin may acquire a maximum of 6 arcane casting levels and/or 8 divine casting levels in this manner.
·         Small: Goblins have a base movement rate of 60'. Experienced goblins of fearsome size retain a base movement rate of 60' due to their bowed legs and overburdened frames.
·         Subterranean: Goblins gain infravision to a range of 90’. However, goblins suffer a penalty of -1 to attack throws when in sunlight.
·         Unempathic: Goblins suffer a -2 penalty to the reactions, loyalty, and morale of humans and demi-humans.
·         Wolf Rider: Goblins know how to breed, groom, and train dire wolves, as well as how to handle dire wolves under difficult circumstances, such as using a weapon from its back.

Additional points allocated to the Goblin Value stack with points allocated to the Fighting Value for purposes of calculating the rate of improvement for attack throws, to a maximum of 4.
EXAMPLE: The standard goblin warrior is built with Hit Dice 2, Fighting Value 1, Goblin Value 2. The goblin warrior’s attack throws increase as if his Fighting Value were (Fighting Value 1 + Goblin Value 2 =) 3.

Experience Point Progression After 8th level

Unlike the experience point progression for human and demi-human classes, the experience points progression required to advance in Goblin classes always continues to double, even after 8th level.
Base Class (Goblin Monsters)
Goblin Warrior

Hit Dice 2, Fighting Value 1b, Goblin Value 2.

The Goblin Warrior class is to Goblin Custom Classes as the Orc Warrior class is to Orc Custom Classes, except, note that a 1st level Goblin Warrior is a Goblin Champion.  A normal Goblin is a “0th level” adult Goblin.  Applying my Apprentice Level Characters rules to 0th level Goblin Warriors leads to the progression below.  Now, my Goblin females and young will fight as Goblin adolescents and runts, respectively.

Goblin Warrior

Build Points
Hit Die
Attack Throw
Fighting Styles
Goblin 0, Hit Dice 0, Fighting 0
0th lvl
0th lvl
All Goblin 0 powers
Goblin 1, Hit Dice 1, Fighting 0
0th lvl
0th lvl

Goblin 2, Hit Dice 1, Fighting 1b
0th lvl

Goblin 2, Hit Dice 2, Fighting 1b
1st lvl Goblin Warrior

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